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25May 2018

My Dream Job!!

Posted by : Agastya Mitra
Category : Kids Blog-8-10 years
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I believe "a heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers". My dream job is to become a  Wildlife Expert. I have always dreamt of following my dreams of wildlife conservation, education and the pursuit of knowledge.

In my childhood I have seen lot of animal shows on TV and from that time I had this thought of spending time and talking to wildlife creatures. My favourite show is Kamp Kenan on You Tube who has his own Reptile Sanctuary where he works with the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary and helps his friend Kyle with his Crocodile Ranch.

I love Reptiles and all sorts of creatures, this real life spending time with these creatures is an awesome experience by itself. The facts are real. I have rescued a lot of animals and gone to farms and zoos and experienced the adventurous roller coaster ride of protecting the wildlife.

I have helped a lizard in a place called Mussorie, it was lying on the rock helplessly, I felt pity for it so I grabbed all three of his legs and pulled it out, I lay it down next to a tree to let it recover. My passion has always been of rescuing wildlife and keeping them safe.

When I was small I had actually dreamt of being a paleontologist, a person who studies about bones and fossils. When I grow up I want to open my own sanctuary and rescue even more animals. I used to memorize names of the dinosaurs as well as animal names and its species. I have been studying really hard to fulfill my dream.

I would like to tell you an interesting fact about wildlife experts that their job is to rescue, learn and take care of wildlife even if it comes to confrontation. We are the ones destroying the planet and we should be responsible for protecting our environment. Once I become a wildlife expert my sole purpose is to educate everyone so that they can learn something new every day and perhaps get involved themselves and realize how important is our natural habitat.

With the help and support of wildlife conservation lovers would like to create natural environment around me to Conserve Wildlife.

I would also like to conduct trainings on how to protect the creatures from the clutches of humans. Additionally, I would like to have informative sessions regarding the conservation of Wildlife in schools and colleges. My message to all is that each and every animal on Earth has as much right to be here as you and me.!!

Together we can help the animals to be Set Free!

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