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01Dec 2022

My Tips Happier and Safer Internet for all

Posted by : Amruta Dike
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Hello! I am Satyaj Hedaoo from Grade 6th and I want to inform you, and give a few tips on Cyber Security. I was perplexed by the topic of, “How kids can be happy and safe on the internet!” How can we make the internet happy and safe at the same time?

“Technology is an Important milestone that can change the life of humanity for good, if fell into good hands.”

Now, we hear our parents telling us, about not talking to strangers online, Not to touch various links and to not play games on different websites. Well, that is for a very good reason.

Suppose, there is a person. He likes to do shopping on a so called website, “Shoppingcart.com” Now, He proceeds to pay. He adds in his details and address on the site. Later, he normally receives the product. But after a week, he gets an email regarding the confirmation of his shoppingcart.com password from an Unknown person. The mail also has a gift voucher to attract him. He clicks the link and adds his password just for the voucher. Little did he know that he was lured into a trap set by a Hacker. Next Day, all the money on his account was wiped off in an instant.

So, this is called as Phishing. We need to know whether an email is trustable or not. That’s why my friends, never touch your Parent’s em@ils.  They might even have attachments on them. If you download a suspicious attachment, you may get Hacked.

Now, How to stay Happy on the Internet.

There are a lot of kids and teenagers who use various apps such as Insta, Facebook, Twitter etc. They upload a lot of photos of themselves and even their whole schedule! Let’s hear an example:

Adam has a lot of likes and followers. It’s his Birthday today! He posts a message stating that he will be at his school at 10:00 a.m. and posts the address of the school. Later after school, He says that he will be at basketball court at 4 p.m. Then at last he posts his House Address and Phone Number and invites everyone to his party.

Now, luckily Adam was only famous in his school and not anywhere else. Else, he would’ve been traced by Hackers or Kidnappers. Don’t be scared now. You can use Social Media as you were but just refrain from adding personal information, Addresses,  Phone Numbers etc.

Next, we move onto friend chats.  If someone posts an embarrassing photo of you falling from the stairs, all your books falling around, and post laughing emoji’s on it, How should you reply?
We should feel sorry for that person and say that we should not post such photos.

Lastly, whew! That was a long blog!

Lastly we have Fake News. So, this one’s funny.  Jane reads a post from her friend stating that eating 1 kilo of chocolate everyday boosts your memory and learning skills. How ridiculous! She wants to spread this message but her Mom stops her.  She told her to double check any posts before resharing them.  Some people might even follow the fake news!

So this is all I want to tell you in this blog. You may be on the internet, but follow these rules above.

Surely you will have a great time.
Regards,  Satyaj 

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Amruta Dike

I am Satyaj Hedaoo from class VI. I am passionate about everything that I do right from writing codes, giving speeches or playing sports.

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