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Cyber Safety Awareness

Impact of Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2021

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NexSchools Concluded Commitment to Efforts Advocating for Cyber Safety and Online Behavior Change during Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2021 – HSIWeek2021

In the first year, the initiative highlightes the growing importance of Cyber Safety and promoted the best practices to stay safe and spread happiness online among schools, teachers, parents, students, children, individuals and organizations in this very different pandemic year.

Cyber Safety  Awareness Week to be held annually in the first week of December, everyone is responsible and can get involved with the theme "Happier and Safer Inernet"  by signing up as a 2021 Champion and joining a growing global effort to promote the awareness of online safety and privacy. 

Happier and Safer Internet - HSI Week 2021

Champions Program is a collaborative effort among Schools, government agencies, colleges and universities, associations, nonprofit organizations and individuals/educators committed to the Cyber Safety Awareness Week theme of ‘Make Happier & Safer Internet Experiences for all" #HappierSaferInternet. Community leaders, Moms community influnecer, parents, educators, children, youth, schools and school leaders joined hands to make the first Cyber Safety Awareness Week- HSI Week a huge success by total views going to upto 500 thousand on the NexSchools.com website.

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The Wall of Support is filled with oficial support from both individuals, schools and organisatons along with amazing contributions from primary to high school children from across the country.

Cyber Safety Awareness Week has shed light on the many susceptible online dangers for children and schools, families and community. The week highlighted the need to integrate internet safetyand new digital media tools including Media and Information Literacy into school’s curricula.

The HSIWeek 2021's success highlighted the greatest responsibility to protect students/children from all stakeholders. Ever changing nature of the Internet makes this even more daunting task, we must stay ahead of the curve by educating about the cyber threats and predators.

"To keep moving constantly we must prepare young people for minimising risks and maximising benefits; which is possible by giving more ways and examples to use internet for positive use", said Mradula Singh, Founder and CEO NexSchools.

Educators need to be well informed about the cyber safety resources and integrate internet safety into their curricula throughout the school year.

“Together for Happier and Safer Internet (HSI) for all”


Use of Technology anf Online Life Of Tweens and Teens

The last quarter of 2021, NexSchools opened a survey to explore the use of technology and online life by school children or Generation Z. How Internet Smart Are you asked several cohorts, tweens  8 to 12 years and teens 13 to 18 years for details on their digital lives surrounding online classes, gadget use, social media and online safety know how.

Here are some excerpts, full report will be out soon.

79% tweens share their smartphones with mother, father or elder sibling.

75% Children spend more than 3 hours on the screen on holidays

68% teens do not like online schoolincluded when ful

80% teens and 94% tweens don’t have any knowledge of any reliable online platform or offline source from where they can seek help for any online action. 

80% of children found NexSchools online safety sessions excellent and 99% found it very useful

95% children wants to learn more or join Cyber Warrior Student Ambassadors’ community of NexSchools.

More details on social media, privacy, how childrena re spending time online is all part of the sutdy and will be available with full report.

Impact of Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2021| Importance of Cyber Safety Education In Schools | Cyber Safe School Culture Solution | Cyber Safety Impact in Schools , Students, Educators |


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Cyber Safety Initiatives by NexSchools

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Impact of Cyber Safety Awareness Week - HSIWeek 2021

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