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17Jan 2022

Nature`s Blue Canvas

Posted by : Samyuktha Chandrashekar
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
Date :

Like the vibrant colors of paint merging on white canvas, the blue skies display an array of serene shades of yellow and pink at sunset. I’m a proud Opacarophile! One of my newfound hobbies during the lockdown is watching the skies, especially at dusk. 

My mind always longs for the cozy evenings each day. Watching the eccentric skies is an opportunity for me to disconnect from my responsibilities and immerse myself at the moment. In this rapidly hustling world, it is essential for everyone to take time to relax and rejuvenate and I strongly believe that this hobby of mine would be the best partner in crime to do so! 

Am not just an Opacarophile but also enjoy the golden glistening sunrise at dawn when the birds are hustling with endless chirping! Oh! What can I say about the precious pearl that is under the spotlight at night? The moon has always intrigued me in every way possible! The way it takes various forms each day and reflects implausible beauty makes me go head over heels. The moon is truly the main character and we are just the sidekicks in a book authored by the charismatic and mysterious universe. 

This hobby has also urged me to try my hands on photography to capture the moment permanently and re-live it once again, though the experience may not be the same! Capturing such beauties allow me to express my emotions and thoughts with the help of the weather and colors displayed by the sky!

Are you an astrophile too?


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Samyuktha Chandrashekar

I`m a music enthusiast who has an eye for psychology. I can`t get enough of Sudha Murthy`s writing style and her touch of Indian flavor in her books. A proud Potterhead and bookworm is who I am! Writing and blogging is my forte and I enjoy trying my

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