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15May 2018

Plastic Less World

Posted by : C M International School
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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To make plastic disappear you will have to use your mind.

I would give some ideas, rest you have to find.

Tiffins would be a surprise, because you can't peep inside.

Pens would be made of glass and I know it would change the entire feel.

No bottles of plastic will make the health fantastic.

Utensils of plastic would be gone, so people will be healthy enough to run a marathon.

Tea will be served in earthern pot even if it is steaming hot.

Measurement and capacity lessons will begin at your place as your milkman will have plastic bags to replace.

Toys would be made of wood, kids you can bang it if you think you should.

The packaging of food would be a trouble and that would make fresh food a bubble.

With so many substitutes in place, let's make the world a better place. What do you think? 

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C M International School

Muskan Bhalla from C M International School, Balewadi, Pune. I am 11 years old, let us create the plastic free world together.

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