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03Dec 2022

Strong Password Matters

Posted by : Amruta Dike
Category : Kids Blog 14-18 years
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To stay safe online is simple from my perspective if you follow simple rules and norms you will be safe from unknown users and strangers lurking to take your private information

How stay safe and happy online?

  1. Get your password setup in such a way that it will not be easy to crack when hackers try to hack your account. A safe password consists of different sign such as ‘@#$%*’ and unusual names which are not used on a regular basis .Try not to keep password such as ‘1234’ or ‘password’ which people can easily crack.
  2. Social media can be used for making ourselves happy while sharing our own happiness with other but while  sharing some information is leaked that can be used against you .To prevent this don’t share any personal info or details which are personal to you .If shared can make others know your location or other Personal details.
  3. Many people don’t know what can be hacked while using technology some of these include cameras mics etc. To protect yourselves you just need to cover your camera with a simple tape or a slider.
  4. For mics switching off or plugin it out will also protect you from hackers. Even covering it can provide security from hackers.
  5. Most people also overlook specific things about their own device. Which includes a regular clean up or sorting of important things in particular files.
  6. Having a good anti-virus is also a must for protecting your device. Firewall protection is the most important.
  7. Lastly identifying a scam must be taught to everyone which can protect you from people trying stealing money.
  8. Maintaining a good health is also important as spending too much time online can harm our health causing depression and metal breakdowns .Social media can be one of those causes as not having a good community can harm you .

People online because of their own issues try to make innocent people their victims for their own entertainment. But following these simple steps can always help to protect ourselves and enjoying a good time online with a healthy community.

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