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25May 2018

The Rape Culture

Posted by : Abhijeet Gharad
Category : Kids Blog 14-18 years
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So we're all already well introduced to the rape culture in our country. And it really is as as bad as it sounds Rape Culture. ?I don't need to talk about incidents that have been happening lately in our country, we all are well aware of them. This brutal culture left no one whether she was a regular working lady or a young little girl who didn't even knew what was happening with her. The rape culture has left no one.

But why do you think that this act of brutality in our nation is called a Culture? unlike in other countries where it's called a serious crime. We all have been wondering why is the media terming this as Rape Culture ?every time incidents of rape and murder take place.

Well the definition of the word Culture ?is the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.? So if this is the definition of culture we all start to think that how is rape a culture then?. The bitter truth is that in parts of our country like Haryana they do justify how Rape is a Culture.? Inside Harayana’s rape culture Rape is considered Consensual. ?It's really painful to know how the elderly and the youth consider rape being either consensual, a culture or the fault of the victim.

Here are some statements by the old and youth of Harayana who consider rape either a Culture or the fault of the girl child

“Once a girl turns 14 or 15, you can’t call it rape after that. There is always consent.” An elderly man in Mankawas village, Charkhi Dadri district

“The girl has to have done something wrong, that’s why she’s been raped.” A Class 8 boy from Bhiwani

“Both the boy and the girl have done something wrong. Then why is it that only the boy is held responsible? The girl gets to stay at home, the boy is sent to jail. What sort of a law is this?” Mother of a rape accused in the Charkhi Dadri district

All these are statements are 100% wrong in case of a rape it's neither the fault of the girl and nor rape is ever consent.


We've been thinking that this is a Culture only in the Harayana but no we know only about Harayana because the cases there are much more than others parts. The same conditions are there also in some parts of other states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.


The government has been trying to make the laws strict for the criminals who commit rape. In fact the punishment for rape is death, no second chances? will be given to criminals who do serious crimes like rape. And I totally agree with having the punishment to be death for rape. If the rapist cannot understand the victims right to live why should he have his own.

 But strict punishment is not actually what is going to change the conditions. Like making a child stand out of the class won't change the fact that he didn't do the homework. It will just make the child afraid that if he does not do the homework he'll have to stand out of the class again. That's the same way how the punishment given by the court works, anyone who intends to rape someone will feel scared that if he's busted he'll have to die. But many people still do commit rapes. Now punishments can't go beyond death and if they are not scared of death also they won't think before raping.

 Many men also commit rape just to prove their maleness. ?Somehow men in our country are ready to go any limits to prove their maleness. And not only men even younger boys. This is a real incident that happened with me. A boy from my school stated “I just want to use and throw the girl” ?this is really shameful for our country that even the youth is thinking like this. But at one point this has to come to an end.


Well if we think why are Rapes taking place we get to know they're not taking place because the girl is at fault. Rapes are mainly taking place because of the way the youth and the seniors of our country? think.

  So personally my opinion is that to stop rape? not the laws or not the measures we're taking for women safety but first the thinking of the nation has to change.


It's really tough to change the way one thinks but for a big change we need to take a big step. The best thing we can do is spread awareness as much as possible about this topic, especially in the areas where people need to be educated about this. After that proves to be a kicker the awareness won't take any time to fly in air. In the end when the nation finally manages to get rid of such practices we'll be fearlessly be able to say that I AM PROUD OF MY NATION.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. The image souce asprovided by the author: sociallsim.in.

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