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23May 2020

When You Can`t Go Outside Go Inside

Posted by : Sadiya Shaikh
Category : NexEd Bloggers Contest 2020
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Life is so unpredictable. The situation which we are going through is so unpredictable. Everything is changed. No school, no office, all entertainment areas are closed. The change in daily routine of life has brought fear, sadness, stress and worries about uncertain future. These can easily become soil for anxiety and depression- but only if we let them.

Most of you reading this must in self- isolation or quarantine. Instead of taking this pandemic so stressful, just get up and enjoy. This is the time which we actually don’t want to come back again but unfortunately we have got, so why not utilise it wisely.

Travelling is the best way to be way from our busy schedule of life but now as per the situation we can’t. What we can do is create a vacation for our minds, balance our thoughts. When you can’t go outside, go inside. One of the instrument to go inside is Meditation. You can go on mini vacations in your own thoughts. Just think on what will you do if everything comes back to normal. This will give you more happiness and focus, a clearer mind , a healthy immune system and lots of energy.

In your normal daily routine of life before pandemic, you never get time for your family and for yourself. Spend time with your family, laugh together, sing together, play together which you have always missed.

Get up and look yourself in the mirror and just think when you have met yourself for the last time. Have you ever got up in the morning and said Hi!!!! to yourself, have you ever smiled looking at yourself, have your ever felt how good and beautiful you are. Utilise this time where you can meet the best person in the world that is YOU. Try to know your own potentials, upgrade yourself, do whatever you want which you always wished to do, love yourself more, find your inner peace because at the end its you whose going to be with you. Try to motivate yourself and others. Be nature- friendly, spent time with nature. Observe the sky, the sunrise, the sunset and keep faith in God. If he can turn day into night and night into day, He can turn everything in normal too. Be thankful to God for each day you get up, that you are not amongst the ones lying on the bed suffering from this deadly virus.

Pick up a hobby, learn new instrument. Nourish your body with healthy food, learn new recipes. Practice ways to get your body active with an at home workout, a jog in your neighbourhood or a yoga routine, just to keep yourself busy and active

Feed your brain during this time, read a book, self-study something you’ve always wanted to learn for. If you’re religious, take some time to practice your faith, the way you love the best.

We all know these time is very tough for some and even more harder for many, try to find out the sunlight, the ray of hope, the one good thing that may come out all of this trouble in your life.

 Its time to be kind to ourselves and to others. This begins with being responsible and staying at home, being attentive, tolerant and empathetic. Your biggest contribution to the world is being a decent person, who washes hands, cough into their elbows, wears mask while stepping out and stay at home whenever it is possible.

Make a change-care for others, care for yourself and care for the world.

Stay Safe.

Support Humanity.

The one who is reading this blog remember each day is a beautiful day because you are safe and you have spent your day fruitfully.

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Sadiya Shaikh

Myself Sadiya Shaikh, teacher at C M International School, Balewadi, Pune. Teaching is my passion. I love to be around my kids. I love to teach Social Studies.Reading books is my hobby apart from it I love to dance, sing and even write blogs.

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