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Meet Zain Ten Years Old Author And Blogger

Zain Haseeb Lil Bloggers Winner | Children Book Author, 10 years old Lil Blooger Writer Zain Bhat, Age 10 years from Pune

NexSchools Lil Star Blogger 2019 Contest free for children by www.NexSchools NexSchool App

Winner of Lil Blogger Contest 2019 in Age Category 8 to 10 years

Zain is Lil Blogger since 2017, author of the book already. She loves to read books, review books too. Besides books she has passion for swimming and wants to excel in it.

Zain started writing at the age of 7 and has earned many accolades. “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” -Albert Einstein

The above quote by Albert Einstein describes Zain quite well. An eleven-year-old girl with a vivid imagination and a knack of reading books, Zain has already made her presence felt in short story writing, essay writing and blogging domains.

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Here are a few stories from Zain’s collection that were appreciated:

A Raindrop - Winning Blog for Lil Bloggers Contest 2019 

A Perfect Pet

True Spirit of Christmas

 Story of a tree - Winning Blog for Lil Bloggers Contest 2018 


Zain Bhat www.NexSchools Lil Blogger now  Author


Magic Melody is her first attempt at writing a book, basically a short story, full of imagination, magic and kindness. It will surely be quite a read for young children. Her ideas are original and imaginative, which will give a fresh break from the reprinted-classics.


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NexSchools asked about her expereince & here is what she has to say: 

How do you as feel your is work published and appreciated?

It feels amazing. This is a nice platform for the emerging little writers like me to get the work published and recognized. It gives me so much confidence to write more.

Did the NexSchools platform help you in school or academics or in anyway?

Yes, more than one way. It has motivated me a lot to go on and say things confidently in my class and school. I think and write now.

Parents Speak About Lil Blogger

Reema Shafi, Zain's Mother, "When I heard about this Lil Blogger Contest, l encouraged  her to participate. She wrote a blog and to our surprise she got her initial recognition when it was adjudged second best. By the time she was in fifth grade she had participated in many competitions and had started to write her first book."

Recently, Notionpress published Zain's first book. It is a short story full of magic and imagination. It offers a fresh break from the reprinted classics and old worn out tales. We feel it is a very good read for young children.

Here is a brief description about the book.

Zain Haseeb Author Lil Blogger Contest Winner at www.NexSchools.com NexSchoolsThis book is about a girl named Lisa, who has a kind heart and treats everyone with kindness. She has special powers and understands the language of nature.A different world exists, on some other part of the galaxy. There is a civilization quite different from ours, many different species live together in musical harmony. Their world is in trouble and only Lisa can save them now. Lisa goes to this magical place to help them. In the process Lisa finds many interesting characters a fox, a bear and a dwarf. Along with her new friends she ventures into a journey of magic and adventure. She must stop Alexa, a girl turned witch, from making a magical potion. Lisa is surprised to find herself in this mysterious and different place, but she also feels a link between herself and the town. She must find a way to restore the happiness in her beloved town and restore Alexa to her normal form. 

    The book is available worldwide. In India it is available with




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