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Children Film Festival Report

Lightning of lamp in School Children Film Festival CM International School Pune Prahant Desai Film Maker SMILE Foundation SIFCY

CM International School along with SIFFCY showcases the best of world cinema made for children and youth value based films with substance to inspire young minds!

Children Film Festival is an annual event of CM International School.

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Civilizations always become richer and more colourful through exchanges and mutual learning from each other. Cultural events, such as this film festivals enable direct exchanges and dialogues among civilizations and people.Films are a great learning platform for children. It aids to their curriculum attainment.

This special occasion was graced by Mr.Prashant Desai, a renowned Film maker who has made immense contribution to children films.

The festival was organized for children of all age groups. It featured multiple short films with  content full of motivational stories, social awareness and fun. There were multiple slots to cover maximum audience.

Schools Coverage by NexSchools.com Panel Discussion (L-R)  – Moderator Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere – Pricipal CM International School, Mr. Someshwar Nair -  General Manager Smile Foundation, Mr. Prashant Desai - Filmmaker, Mr. Kumar Kothandan – Regional Head Smile Foundation

The event commenced with the dignitaries invoking goddess Saraswati by kindling the lamp of knowledge and wisdom. Lamp kindling was followed by an enlightening label discussion with the panelists: Mr.Prashant Desai, Filmmaker, Mr.Someshwar Nair, General Manager Smile Foundation, Mr. Kumar Kothandan, Regional Head Smile Foundation, moderated by Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere, the Principal at CM International School on films and how films impact little minds and how parents can be proactive and have a checklist before going to watch a movie with their kids.

School PR NexSchools.com Report Children Film Festival Coverage at CM International School in association with SMILE FoundationFilm speaks a universal language. It has meaning and relevance for all people, regardless of their national, cultural or social backgrounds. Film as one popular means of modern art, breaks the barriers of people, underscoring the values, feelings and longings that are shared by human beings. The panel discussion was followed by screening of interesting Children Films with a message for children to learn and use their imagination and fantasy .

This was a lifetime experience for kids, resulting in a unique learning environment to approach a variety of subjects through world class cinema around the world, they were exposed to different cultures which would lead them to new paths. The children had a blast at SIFFCY@ Children Film Festival 2019 at CM International School. Kids were seen enjoying the films and parents shared a very positive feedback about the festival and also praised the efforts of the school staff  who were on their toes throughout the festival making sure of the smooth execution. Kudos to the team of CM  International School.


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