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The Lovely Teacher With Smiles

Ruplai Dhamdhere Principal CM International School Pune


Rupali Dhamdhere Principal of C M International School Balewadi, Pune. A teacher by heart enjoys her job thoroughly, loves to end the day by witnessing the students go back home happy and looking forward to coming back the next day


Teachers are often remembered or thought of only around teachers day. Whereas they have been a part of our lives for eternity. Each and every one of us have had our own favourite teachers either cause of how they changed our lives or one incident where we feel it was a turning point cause that particular incident made us ponder a little longer and made us dig deep within to find an answer ……feels like a hidden treasure.

Smile Teachers Day  Quote by Rupali Dhamdhere CM International School

All nostalgic memories start running down our memory lanes…… good old school days…..those ink stains, pranks to be played on friends, carefree days where the thought that what will it be tomorrow does not bother…….days when we realize that broken crayons still colour and there is one person who gets us to that realization is our TEACHER.

The best teacher is the one who has a very warm smile…..I still remember my teacher who had the most beautiful smile in the whole wide world…..yes I can say this cause that smile gave me the confidence that I was going to have a wonderful day at school.


There is so much that a child looks for in a teacher…..her eyes, smile, hair, the way she dresses up, accessories….the expressions on her face…..the list is longer….cause



I would like to end it with a message to all the favourite teachers


To A Special Teacher

When I started school,

This day seemed so far away.

Now its here and I can’t believe

That time has passed so quickly…..

But through your encouragement and guidance.

I feel I’m ready for tomorrows challenges.

Teachers play such an important part

In shaping and guiding…….

Especially teachers like you

Thank you for caring so much

Thanks for all the love and concern,

For brightening my future,

For the message of humanity that you spread,

For all those moments when you took special care.



On your special Day



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