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Five Women Edtech Tailblazers From Five Countries

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Edtech Women Trailblazers series is dedicated to all the women who are making their mark in shaping the future of education.

Education has changed and we are seeing glaring difference in the recent past. Teachers are always torch bearers and fore runners in schools but during pandemic what came to their rescue is education technology, yes, Edtech which made possible remote learning around the world.

Bringing to you the five Edtech Women Trailblazers from different countries. Let’s glance through their services as they definately seem to have a promising edtech for the future.

#1 KAINOafrica

CoFounder - Lyndah Kembabazi

Preschool, Elementary School & Homeschoolers

KAINO is an EdTech (Education Technology) product that provides nursery schools and parents in Uganda with access to quality curriculum aligned to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) blended lesson guides which they use to deliver lessons to their learners using web and mobile applications.

KAINO is a source of easy to use STEM blended curriculum aligned lesson guides for early childhood education centers and parents for homeschooling their children.

The STEM approach allows children to investigate and explore learning in an active and hands-on way because we believe that children in kindergarten have a natural and innate curiosity about the world they live in.

These STEM activities encourage children to see learning areas like math and science in a new light, and how to use those subjects to solve their day-to-day problems and the problems they may face as adults.

STEM blended lessons are delivered via our printed workbooks, web and mobile applications.

The blended STEM approach curriculum has strong foundation from Uganda national ECD curriculum framework and the British national curriculum for a higher quality of learning. This solution can improve the cognitive, socio-emotional, language development skills and impact the lives of over 25,000 ECD teachers in Uganda alone who don't have access to quality content fit for the 21st-century learners.

Soloprenuer Training, Bootcamp for Sololoprenuer and small business, Learn Content Marketing training, Content Planning

#2 Shmonster 

Founder and CEO -Michal Finegold
United States

Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Teachers Tool

PuppetMaster gets kids to use technology to create, not just consume, and learn while they're at it.

PuppetMaster is a mobile app that lets you make animated videos out of anything - your artwork, crafts, toys, snacks, pets, friends... anything. Some great features include animate with motion capture, by moving your body in front of the device, or by touching and dragging on the screen; change and customise the background.

The App has an option of recording n audio. The most exciting part is you can talk or sing, and your puppet will move its mouth and talk or sing just like you

The result is a unique animated video you can save or share. Kids use it to tell their own visual stories, and they can learn any subject through art and animation. The app streams educational projects inside it, and the website features full lesson plans for teachers to do in class. Teachers also use the app to make videos for students, in "flipped classroom" modality.

#3 Jyppzer 

Founder:  Hemali Turakia

Early Childhood, Preschool, Elementary School

The app based activities directly empower parents to contribute to their child’s holistic development using play-way and experiential learning approach. The experiential learning activities are developed by child development experts based on neuroscience.

300+ Age Appropriate Activities & Games

- Using Simple Household Material

- Promotes Parent-child Bonding

- Developed by child development experts based on neuroscience

- Focus on Life Skill, Growth Mindset, STEAM, Human Values and Mindfulness

- Progress Report

- For 0-12 Years

Watch bite size demo videos that provides instructions and list of materials along with suggestions on how to perform an activity in different ways and any important note that you need to consider while playing. Observer how your child is doing each activity, give feedback via simple checklist.

Get real-time progress report on your child’s development (cognitive, socio-emotional, language, physical, musical & naturalistic intelligence)

#4 Orbit-ed

Co-Founders- Wajiha Habib, Navera Waheed 

Elementary School, Middle School, Teachers Tool

Orbit is an Augmented Reality based educational application which serves as a classroom learning tool for STEAM subjects for K-12 schools. Orbit presents 3D visualizations of the concepts and brings them to life by combining the virtual and the real world.

The curricula is completely aligned with Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS), Common Core, National Curriculum of Pakistan, Cambridge, Oxford, IB and others. Orbit integrates highly interactive AR/3D experience in the classroom without requiring any special infrastructure other than what is already in place (tablet or PC).

Orbit targets Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number four, which focuses on ensuring inclusive and quality education for all.

It includes interactive activities, student-led discovery and group activities which leads to increased curiosity, better concepts and enhances student science enrollment and retention.

This is a truly teachers’ tool, Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D learning technology  helps teacher in delivering the science concepts relating to Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and numerous other sciences. 

#5 Tonui Collab

Founder and Director - Shanon O'Connor
New Zealand

Elementary School, Middle School, High School

School-Aged children from across the region come to Tonui Collab to explore STEM learning opportunities. We design and facilitate workshops where children experiment with game development, robotics, coding, virtual reality content creation, app development, electronic engineering, graphics, animation and more. Outside of school hours we design workshops after school and during the school holidays for chilren to further explore these STEM learning areas.

Tonui Collab facilitate STEM workshops for school aged children in a specialist tech lab. Children gain wider exposure to the diversity of tech, their confidence will grow and their understanding of what STEM opportunities exist will grow; they will pursue further studies and careers in STEM fields.

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