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Parenting Guide

Introduction to NexSchools Kids Blogging

Blogging is the key skill that prepares students and children for the digital world. It provides opportunities for developing the ability, which is critical for their future. The world of blogging gives them wings of freedom to express their thoughts and interests to a larger audience. Children learn to share their creativity in the organized and systematic way of expression. The advantages of blogging are many; here are some that will surely get you enticed to own your blog space on NexSchools:

  1. Be a respectful digital citizens
  2. Enhance your communication skill
  3. Understand yourself and your interest
  4. Boost creativity
  5. Supports writing skills
  6. Encourages you to correlate thinking with learning
  7. Safe platform for kids 
  8. Free online expert help from NexSchools staff
  9. Builds a strong base for etiquettes of digital communication

NexSchools Kids Blogger provides a platform to share hopes, dreams, and creative ideas in the safe learning space. Children can determine how they want to use the blog. The blogging encourages them to be more independent and passionate writers. We provide opportunities, prompts, and support to get the children in writing.

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Safety while Blogging

  • Do Use your last name -First name only
  • Do Not share personal information
  • Do NOT type email addresses
  • Do NOT share the home address or phone number
  • Do Not link to your school blog, which might reveal your personal information
  • Do Not share private feelings on the blog
  • Do NOT meet in person someone you know only through blogging
  • Do NOT post photos that give information of where you reside, house number, street name etc.
  •  Do NOT share anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Keep Up Quality Work

  • Think about your audience who might be reading your blog, make sure you’re polite.
  • Blog entry should stay on the topic.
  • Checklist for that you must follow:

• Check your spelling

• Check your

• Check your capitalization

• Check your punctuation

• Check your sentence structure and word use

Check your grammar in totality

Make sure to give credit to others work for photos, quotes & ideas

• Make sure Do not copy paste others work in your blog

•  Stick to copyright rules

•  Read and read after completing, proofreading is important to avoid typos and minor errors.

If you are ever in need of someone to connect to or ask questions, please reach out to us

Plan your Blog Schedule

  • Make a planner for blog posting
  • Plan ahead to give yourself enough time to brainstorm, research, write and edit.
  • Select a topic or subject in which you have enough knowledge.
  • Stick to the topic. Don’t write about your weekend plan or gossip.
  • Think about writing something, which will be useful for your audience.
  • Think before you post. Ask yourself, is this something I want my parents, teachers, friends, strangers would like to read.
  • Only post information you can verify as accurate.
  • Provide links to website or sources you are referring to in your blog.

NexSchools online help and support is free for all, please write to us at supriya@nexschools.com

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