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Meme Contest - Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2024

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We know you love them. So do we

Get creative with your meme skills; use your idea to combine humour for cyber safety, it can get you to a winner’s position & morecool, see below:

1. Meme Champion Badge

2. Winners will be the judges for the next Meme Contest

3. Mention our website and social media handles

Everyone can Participate -| Children |  Educators |Youth | Parents | Community

Show us your best memes! To celebrate Cyber Safety Awareness Week 2022, support the Happier and Safer Internet for all theme by creating a meme for a cause.

Your participation will also be considered as support to the online safety and education initiative. We need each one of you to join us in this movement.  

You can proudly earn #HSIWeek2024 Champion badge and mention on NexSchools Website besides the best memes will be displayed on social media handles.


How do I Submit Meme(s) to the Contest?

You can submit in two categories:

1. Images

2. Short Videos not more than 15 seconds

Use hashtag: #HappierSaferInternetMeme to enter.

Good to have hashtags: #HSIWeek2024 #HappierSaferInternet #Contest #NexSchools

All the entries must be submitted through the Google Form> click to submit

Upload the short videos on Google Drive and share a link in the form too.
Entries not submitted through the above form link will not be considered for judging.

Need Help?

We have created template for on Canva, create and share the link through form. Click to see or create on Canva Template 

Code of Conduct

All participants must follow NexSchools Code of Conduct:

Rule#! Racist, discriminatory, political ideologies or religious content is not welcome

Rule#2 No hate

Rule #3 No bullying memes 

Rule#4 Keep your content copyright free

Rule #5 Controversial topics will be disqualified

Rule #6 Content related to spreading rumor

Rule# 7 Meme must not contain any logo of the brand or links

Rule# 8 No NSFW content, keep it family friendly


The contest starts on 4th November 2024 (12AM IST) and ends on 20 November 2024
PS:Only memes made within this time period will be considered valid submissions.

There will 3 winners; there is no age-limit

Content is judged by the media itself, captions/text must be included in the image or video.

Multiple submissions are allowed but quality is preferred over quantity

Reupload of another participant’s content may disqualify your submissions.

How will the Memes be judged?

The NexSchools Team, together with the advisory Committee will choose winners based on the originality, sense of humour, and quality of the meme based on conveying the message for cyber safety.

We wish you all luck but more importantly, a lot of fun making the memes for this contest.

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