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NexSchools Joined International Women’s Day Celebrations on Friday 8 March 2019

NexSchools is a media and resources platform in K12. We are committed to bring in the forefront examples of best practices in education, equitable and affordable education for all and digital inclusion and opportunities for women of all age-groups.

IWD2019 Balance for better NexSchool International Women Day

International Women's Day gave the perfect opportunity for NexSchools to celebrate #BalanceForBetter and organise the event to highlight the digital gender gap and low labour force participation ratio of women in India.

The theme for the NexSchools event “Digital Inclusion & Opportunities for Women” caught the attention of educators and schools from across India and other countries. Sixty plus teachers and eminent educators, heads of schools joined the celebration.  Besides the huge presence at the event there were virtual guests from two cities from Delhi & Indore and an education influencer from Philippines. The event was announced on social media including virtual guests list.

International Women's Day 2019 Digital Inclusion & Opportunities for Women Celebration in School

NexSchools itself is committed in forging gender parity within the organisation – on International Women’s Day they celebrated the fact that NexSchools works virtually with all women editorial and design team by offering them flexible work format. NexSchools has build an awareness campaign for teachers and school heads as cyber warriors; equipping them with digital skills to facilitate their role for today as guide, mentors, role models, counselors and much more.

 Digital inclusion will uplift the labour force participation rate in India.

 In the welcome note presented by Mradula Singh, Founder & CEO of NexSchools outlined the achievements of women in India as closing of the gender gap in education. She also highlighted the fact what women can achieve by being included in digital society and announced the first NexEd Bloggers Contest 2019 for teachers and schools to give pragmatic approach to already going on efforts for cyber safety among schools, children and young girls.” She also added that teaching teachers about digital tools, cyber safety is like training an army for change, as we all know 50% of the school teachers are women.

IWD 2019 NexSchools.com Founder  & CEO International Women's Day Teacher's Training Cyber Safety awareness campaign for schools students teachers K12

The gathering was also addressed by the host school principal Dr Rupali Dhamdhere who impressed the audience with thoughtful conversation about the gender equality and hilariously cited examples of digital media being used by women and how they could build a strong digital footprint. The veteran in education Ms Shakuntala Jaisinghani, equipped with the use of digital media and communication inspired many young teachers to use tech to connect in the wired world and keep learning.

Technology to connect virtual guests from around the world

The school heads from around the world joined as virtual guests to share the celebration of International Women’s .

The innovative idea of bringing the virtual guest to the event in support of our theme that highlighted the best use of technology to succeed and thrive. Besides the huge presence of educators and women at the event, there were virtual guests from two cities - Dr Meenakshi Sawhney, school head from Delhi & Dr. Captain Dinisha Bharadwaj Singh, an Indian Army officer turned educationist from central Indian city Indore; both are eminent and senior educators’ head of the school. An education influencer from Philippines Ms Irene Pellar when joined in through Skype added much enthusiasm about the use of tech in communication and sharing the inspiration globally among the young and budding educators present in the event.. The event was announced on social media including virtual guests list.
The event was an impressive celebration of learning and inspired many to train with NexSchools in updating the current technology for professional development, work towards digital inclusion and be teachers who could make a glaring difference in the community and world through global connect.

An important part to commemorate International Women’s Day was sharing personal stories that epitomize the role models and inspiration in the personal life of educators.

The response was truly extraordinary with many educators stepping forward to share amazing stories.

Balance For Better Pose IWD 2019 NexSchools.com

The purple IWD theme cake was cut and as all the participants relished the snacks while discussing the importance of not only encouraging and celebrating the achievement of women but also the balance needed for better gender parity.

IWD 2019 Cake NexSchools.com in School

To further compliment these the branding was done on stage, photos were clicked posing the #BalanceForBetter theme. We also published articles and event announcement on the website.

IWD 2019 Message Wall Intenratonal Women's Day at NexSchools NexSchools.com  Digital Inclusion Teachers School Event

Further Activities Planned for #BalanceforBetter

NexSchools has planned many activities for the future

  • “Cyber Warrior” Workshop & Training for Teachers & Schools Heads
  • “Cyber Safety Campaign” for School Children with hands on experience with Blogging Contest
  • “Job Ready Training Programs” designed for teens & college girls for digital content mastery skills


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