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Back To School Icebreakers Activities

Welcome back to school strategy for principals educators

It is time to welcome back student back to school. It  is the crucial time for all the schools as they gear up for the success of the entire year. Breaking the ice in the first month with the new class and teachers can be fun and interactive.

Diving into lots of homework in the first few weeks is a bad idea. To ensure students will deliver better results after holidays it is recommended to make some adjustments and incorporate homework gradually into the school routine.

How It Helps All The Year

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-All the activities firm up peer relationships

-Continued speaking listening skills practice

-An effective way to tackle or prevent peer/friend issues that may to bubbling up

-Understanding the expectations or modeling appropriate/inappropriate behaviors

-Building team for new and more difficult academic tasks throughout the year

-Improve patience, acceptance, problem solving and creative thinking

-Make any existing cliques that may tend to form as the year progresses.

-Quick brain breaks for nice transitions

Great way to bring children back to track and rejuvenate the motivation to learn is to arrange some back to school activities. We are sharing with you ten great examples of fun activities to begin the school.

1.      Classroom Promise

Students can write a mission statement, pledge, motto, or a promise at the beginning of the school year to determine the desired results at the end. Give this activity a creative twist by asking the student to make it visually appealing, the design of cards. The students can write various goals they would like to achieve, promises may target specific responsibilities for students so they can help teachers with the discipline in the class.


2.      Writing Prompts

Some light writing activity for the first week could be planned. Do not provide complex topics, have the students write about their holiday experience, the time they spent during vacation or any other topic that is fun to remember and doesn’t require any special academic knowledge.

Icebreaker strategy for wecome back to school activities, ideas for icebreaker first day of school, welcome back strategy tips NexSchools 3.      Fun Games

Games are always the best when it comes to easing the students into learning process. Try engaging them into some fun games, social team building, brain breaks and more. (Link to games and activities)

4.      Icebreakers activities are a great way to know shy kids

The shy kids especially need more time to open up in the class these icebreakers activities and games for the few days will give them space and ease to be comfortable in the classroom. Every teacher should make sure that they are sensitive towards introvert and shy children of the class and these activities helps in building inclusive environment in the class.

5.      Have a Party

Kick off the first day with a party! Bring some candies and get the conversation rolling about students and their holidays… Let the children open up online or offline doesn't matter


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Annual Strategy for the school year

With so many moving pieces and parts each year a role of school heads, founders and educators are full of challenges which are generally not recognized outside. To stay at the top the key tool is planning, we will bring strategies from time to time as to how to stay on the top and ease out the pressure for the academic year.

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