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Connecting with Nature on World Environment Day at CMIS

“Children are in the awe of mother nature. If we could nurture this state of wonder we would create a world where the environment doesn’t need protection.”

CM International School World Environment Day NexSchools.com We at CM International School, Pune believe in this and try to do as many activities that will bring children near to nature. These activities unfold answers to many questions in their minds.

5th June 2018 is celebrated as “World Environment Day”. This year’s theme is “ Beat Plastic Pollution”. To go in accordance with this theme, we, the teachers at CMIS decided to perform a short role play in front of the students. Role play depicted a child and a mother refusing to carry a cloth bag and littering around. Students came up with their observations and a fine solution of carrying a cloth bag daily to the shop, which was later on depicted in the role play.

Another very interesting activity was planned for class 5 to 7. The aim of this activity was to create a nursery of native plants. Renowned ornithologist and an environmentalist, Mr. Umesh Vaghela guided students. He explained to the students the definition and importance of planting native plants. He showed a seed bank of native plants. The students were asked to bring thick plastic bags of milk/oil/ghee.

CM International school Pune World Environment Day NexSchools.com

Soil, cocopit and dung cake were mixed into 50:25:25 ratio. This mixture was filled in polythene bags brought by children. Seeds are sown in this and bags are kept for watering. Students will water these plants daily and will observe how different seedlings are grown if proper care is taken

This way, the morning was full of environmental activities which were thoroughly enjoyed by students!

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