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09Apr 2020

Floating Above The Negativity

Posted by : Manya Singh
Category : Kids Blog 14-18 years
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Information at our fingertips, forwards in a jiffy - are you also experiencing a flowing torrent of negative news now a days?  Read on to learn more about our current predicament.

In a world where information is available at a moment’s notice it is very easy to drown in the ever flowing torrent of negative news. Along with its many benefits, the internet, has also become a place where there is a constant downpour of unwanted and sometimes depressing information.

Waking up everyday and reading about the long list of tragedies of our world is simply exhausting. There is a limit to the amount tragic news our brains can handle and at one point we must understand that this intake has to be decreased. It is necessary to know what is happening in our world but checking the news every hour will do you no good.

If you meet someone who does nothing but grumble about the miserable world you will naturally avoid them. Instead you would look for a person who is usually happy and positive and be grumpy for understandable reasons. Take this as a metaphor for your news feeds.

You might be saying that sometimes there is nothing you can do to stay away from this news and I agree with that. So here are a few ways to make sure you are not crushed under the overwhelming amount of accessible hate and sadness.

Screen Less Hobbies

It is important to develop hobbies which do not involve a gadget connected to the internet. This largely includes smartphones, laptops and computers. Eventually you will surf through the internet and there will be some unsettling news. Instead choose something more calming like planting or painting.

Exercise or Yoga

If any of these is already a hobby pat yourself on the back but if not do incorporate it in your schedules. Exercising your body keeps you fresh and healthy. It can help take your mind off of problems you can not fix.


Now you might say that you know what you have and you're grateful for it. How will making a list and remembering it every day help?

Knowing what you have and are thankful for helps you stay grounded and gives you something to smile about when you find no other reason to. It has been found through research that grateful people are more joyful, have an improved general well being and reduced stress and depression.

Spreading Positivity

This is something we hear all the time ‘Stay Positive', ‘Be the sunshine in other's lives.’ It is  extremely important to know how to find the good in bad situations and show it to others. You must be positive but do not overlook the negative. There has to be a proper balance between the two.

Do note: Being positive does not mean burying all your negative emotions and only talking about positivity. This is called toxic positivity. You are allowed to feel all emotions.

Think Globally, Work Locally

Most of us wish to help everyone in the world. This becomes disheartening when the reality sinks in and we find out it is impossible. Rather than sitting all glum about it we can help around in our immediate surroundings. It can be as simple as making someone smile on a bad day or cleaning and beautifying your house.

Positivity is integral to a happy and healthy life. Picture the sphere of your positive influence. Now imagine the sphere of influence of the countless others who strive for a better world. Even if all these people are far apart, their spheres will overlap and cover areas larger than possible individually. So if we wish to dispel negativity we have to work on ourselves and our localities. This is teamwork and with the internet it is now possible more than ever.

With that I’ll end my blog. Thank you for reading till the end, I hope it was helpful. Drop a comment below if it was.

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Jaya Latha Jan 2 2021 7:35PM

Thank you for bringing the brighter side to the internet.


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Manya Singh

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