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18Mar 2020


Posted by : Priyansh Singh
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Corona Virus is the most buzzing topic all over the world. The disease is known as COVID-19. In December Corona Virus came crashing down in China. In a matter of weeks China and its economy was hurt and fell into pieces. In a month, almost the whole world was suffering from the vicious Corona Virus. It has obviously has made a big hole in our daily life. Here is what I think how Coronavirus is impacting our daily life.

  1. Hygiene- In our daily life we usually just take some soap and water and fidget with our hands. But because of the fear of Corona Virus we take 1 minute minimum to wash our hands and also use sanitizers when we go to public places.
  2. Outings-When we go to malls, restaurants etc we sit and touch where other people sit. Some people must have sneezed or coughed there but because of Corona Virus people rarely go out or do not go out at all.
  3. Origin of items- When we buy an item we only see its cost and quality but one thing we never check is that where is it from? Well at the peak of Corona Virus millions of shipments were collected by our country so when we now buy the items we first of all see what the Origin of item is.
  4. Approach to people- To greet someone we would shake hands or hug our friends and family. When something good happens we high-5 or a chest bump but we all know Corona Virus spreads because of contact in between surfaces. So now people do Namaste or touch feet to avoid being in quarantine.
  5. The covering of mouths- To avoid Corona Virus people wear masks to dodge coughing and sneezing but when they wear masks and get irritated so they remove it and put it on again. They touch their masks so many times they contaminate themselves. Even in schools, students play with their masks and contaminate them. Ultimately instead of protecting they harm themselves.

So these were my takes on how Corona Virus effects our daily life and remember to stay safe and stay smart.
If you have more points how Coronavirus is effecting our daily life share in the comments.mail

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