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04Jul 2020

Internet And Screen Addiction

Posted by : Sujini P
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Internet addiction is a big problem these days for kids. Addiction is a major issue in many countries especially for kids. Now, kids are addicted even more because of the unprecedented lockdown for months due to Covid-19 in all countries.

Kids are often addicted to mobile phones and Tabs constantly watching YouTube, playing video games and many more.

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A few suggestions from me being a 12 year old kid that may help both kids and parents during the lockdown are:

  1. Kids should attend any online classes of their interest which may range from learning new hobbies, new languages and can become proficient in their areas of interest.
  2. Parents allocating work like household chores including managing the monthly purchase of groceries. Rewarding the kids appropriately will help prevent restlessness and idling away and also  they will learn to do the chore responsibly.
  3. Another important aspect is implementing BREAKS. Having breaks after every 1 hour to slow down definitely helps and yes the breaks should be at least 30mins long.
  4. Parents sit down with the kids and plan their day around the kid’s day and set specific timings for different tasks.
  5. Last but not least is using parental lock to restrict their hours and what they are watching. This can also be used to monitor your kids in a daily basis

As we all are aware, it is very hard to control kids especially from the age of 6-18. If the addiction is not stopped at a young age there are many problems that will occur in the future. We all understand that it takes a long time to make good habits permanent, and it is also easier to do it at a young age. We have to remember to implement this process every single day to  stop addiction. We also know it will be very hard to control later on.

The internet is a very dangerous place especially for kids since when  they play games or use social media they can easily be convinced by strangers to chat or play with them which is another reason for addiction. It is a reason because they keep playing with strangers since they are very nice or good at the game.

The main issue is kids can be convinced or rather manipulated.

To conclude, I hope this has been helpful in some ways. These are my short and brief solutions. We will discuss more in detail in my next blog which will be about different problems kids are facing nowadays.

Author: Rithvik

#For the kids, to the kids, and by a kid

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Sujini P

I am Rithvik, a 12 years old boy from India. I have noticed many problems in kids these days and I have decided to write blogs to spread awareness about the problems kids face these days

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