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NexSchools Partners with UNESCO’s Media and Information Literacy Week 2021

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UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week 2021 will be celebrated the world over from 24 to 30 October 2021. This year marks ten years.

Nexschools partnered with UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Alliance recognizing this new tech complex world and is actively involved in developing awareness and foundations for young people, schools, teachers, and community to provide media literacy, new media literacy, and breakthrough work in online safety curriculum for children and teachers. The theme for the Global MIL 2021 is “Media and Information Literacy for the Public Good”.

Tools and Resources for Empowerment, Mradula Singh, Founder NexSchools UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2021, as International Organizing Committee (IOC) member., Keynote speaker and expert in Cyber Safety Awareness Campaign for children in schoools, K12 educators Mradula Singh, Founder of NexSchools’s commendable effort in Media and Information Literacy, online safety and positive use of social media has got her well deserved place in the UNESCO’s Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2021 as International Organizing Committee (IOC) member.

Mradula believes, “The uncertain quality and expanding quantity of information pose large challenges for society and impact on our personal, economic, political and social lives. New kinds of competencies are required to effectively participate and succeed in information societies. Schools and higher education along with educators have a bigger role to play in shaping our future generations.”

The world today is faced with diverse, abundant information choices through community resources, special interest organizations, online media, also from individuals in unfiltered formats, raising questions about its authenticity, validity, and reliability. Various types of information have also taken many forms through multiple media, including graphical aural, video and textual, and combination of all or some.

The information available through multiple media has escalated the complexity of this environment, posing new challenges for individuals in evaluating and understanding it. To traverse and thrive in a world where misinformation and disinformation campaigns have become a part of everyday exchanges it is important to create an informed citizenry and a complementary cluster of abilities necessary to use information effectively. UNESCO’s Global Media And Information Literacy efforts in this direction are exemplary since the first MIL initiative that was started in 2011. It was long before the exponential rise in disinformation, political polarisation, increasing influence of digital platforms, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the current ecosystem of complex and sometimes contradictory messages and meanings, it is hard to conceive of the public good being advanced, if the public is disempowered in the face of opportunities and threats. Each individual needs to be equipped with media and information literacy competencies to understand the stakes and to contribute to and benefit from information and communication opportunities.

We invite everybody to come together to celebrate MIL Week 2021 in spreading best practices for "Media and Information Literacy for the Public Good", through education or edutainment in every way and every day. 

NexSchools is conducting many online sessions, conferences and events. The very unique intiaitve by NexSchools to bring the very active and vibrant Facebook group communities that comprises K12 schools heads, educators, Momprenuers and parents who will be coming together to discuss "Media and Information Literacy - Social Media Communities".

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Featured Conferences, Rountables and Online Awareness Sessions

Panel Discussion on UNESCO Global MIL Week 2021, NexSchools Panel Discussion on Media and Iformation Literacy for Schools and Educators, Schools and Educators Guide to MEdia Literacy and Cyber Safety for Schools and Teachers, Children Teen and Youth, #HappierSaferInternet #HSIWeek2021,

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UNESCO's Global MEdia and Information Literacy Week 2021, Edu Talk with Dr Samir Parikh, Director Fortis Mental Health India on Media literacy online Safety for schools and Educators, PArents and Teachers, Preschool Moms Dads, Parents Grandparents

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Principals Roundtable - Inform and Inspire for MIL and Cyber Safety in Schools

Inviting School Principals/Educators to come and join hands with NexSchools for MIL skills and Cyber Safety in K12.  Let's share, learn and inspire together in the Roundtable and work together in this phase of great transition around the world with the advent of technology in learning and teaching.
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Roundtable Edcators
ICT Educators’ Cohort First Roundtable

A Big Opportunity for Teachers in MIL & Cyber Safety - Round Up
Cyber Warrior Student Ambassadors Meet-See the deatils and register for the courses to be a change maker student>>>>

Tools and Resources for MIL Skills

Want to know the what is Media and Information Literacy and it's relevance for Educators? Watch this enlightening discussion.

Edu Talk For Teens and Youth - Media Literacy and Wellness

The focus of the talk is to bring spark the conversation among schools and educators about media literacy as a vital skill and how to create teachers’ collections for MIL best practices for schools and classrooms. Open up conservation and mindset for media literacy, information consumption, internet challenges by youth and teens and why they are viral? Screen time balance and digital wellness and how we can build skills for media and the internet.


Bloggers Contest 2021

Aligned MIL Skills and Online Safety and Privacy, Digital Presence
Skill Building: Critical Thinker, Meaningful Content Producer, Information Literacy- Accessing, Evaluation, Use of Information in blog requires fair use and copyrights|

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About NexSchools

The NexSchools is working with one mission to make awesome education and parenting. NexSchools vision for education is to look beyond academic achievements to build a positive community with a strong ethos.

NexSchools supports, advocates and promotes social causes both in India and globally, public or private that create an environment of happiness, media and information literacy, online safety, or supporting Sustainable Development Goals. Make Happier & Safer Internet Experiences - the campaign for Cyber Safety Awareness by NexSchools is a holistic and pragmatic approach for tackling online safety challenges in schools. To achieve this objective, age-specific educational resources with certificate courses and books (primary and secondary education) are developed for positive and responsible Internet use. The goal is to prepare a new generation of learners equipped for the future digital media literacy skills as per guidelines provided in the UNESCO's Media and Information Literacy framework and NEP 2020.



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Together, We Can Make #HappierSaferInternet

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