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Principal Speaks Opnion by Educators Class 10th 12 the board results inflated marks on NexSchools High Scores in 10 board results India ICSE CBSE State Board IndoreLet me congratulate all the students of class XII and X who passed their board exams with flying colours.  Percentages which 10 years back was a dream for the most, is a reality for many today. After seeing the board results I can definitely say one thing that, “Yes dreams can come true” but on the other hand I am forced to think – on what cost? Looking at the results today in general people have started making a mockery of it and social media is flooded with jokes and statements such as, “we used to only get fever in these digits”.  

Who is the hero?

If you would look at the figures of students scoring above 90% and students scoring 100% marks has increased drastically. This has further pushed the race for the marks by creating huge pressure on students but on the other hand when weighed with future learning outcome it is a way to less. This is very much evident as a student scoring 100/100 in either of the languages should be placed equal to Shakespeare or Kalidas or atleast proficient in that particular language. He should be having the ability to write top class literature but the fact is these students are seldom able to do it. Infact, a student scoring 50-60% is able to write poems or stories much better than these high scoring students.  

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There is another stream flowing underneath

As an academician, I took this challenge of understanding how can 100/100 marks could be scored in subjects like language, social science and science. The best way was to reach out to the parents of these students who scored perfect scores. The first response from these parents was,"these day’s students have more potential and knowledge." They further added moreover, they are being trained by the good coaching classes by eminent professors. But nobody said that it could be because of good school studies. Hence, school education was put aside. In coaching, students are being trained for the main subjects in science or commerce but not the literature or any other subject of Humanities. So now we can put the coaching institutes aside. So whose left & where do we stand?

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A big question arises is that whose potential or rather what is contributing to these students’ high scoring marks? Is it the potential of teacher who is teaching or the students or examination system? The answer to this essential question should be answered by the educationist, academicians or system. And let me tell you that if we as teachers/academicians / parents fail to answer and introspect this then probably we are pushing our kids towards a darker side of the world where marks and grades will be more strongly acknowledged as a yardstick for success in life.

Let us also think if marks are the milestone then why outcomes in higher classes or higher education are not witnessed as by these students. Reality hounds them as early as a year after the class X as in this case.  The other day I was having a word with a student from one of the most reputed school of city who scored above 90% marks in class X but failed miserably in class XI. A hard truth which we don’t accept but we need to accept it.

Let’s think and prepare our children according to their own potential and let the students know their exact potential and realistically leave room for improvement not just put out figures for the nation. I don’t say that students can’t get these percentages but I feel not every other student can get it. Let there be a difference in a real merit holder and a good student. Let’s not encourage students to encroach the space which is for few.

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