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Knock off Some Bucks with Smart Summer Camp Checklist

With schools now closed for Summer Break, the summer camps are the fun getaways for kids to spend quality time. As parents, you are searching for the best Summer Camps in town to fulfill expectations leading to the holistic development of your child.

Choosing Summer Camp Parents Tip  Knock off bucks by weighing the value from camp too- do they provide healthy learning, athletics, and arts in an entertaining environment? The overnight summer camps are heavy in the pocket so check your per hour cost and you’ll find some of them are very a good deal.  

For this very reason parents nowadays make use of the checklist to ensure that they have selected the right camp for their child. 

So here is a complete checklist for you all, which will help you right from selecting the camp to packing things for the camp; you will find everything in this comprehensive checklist. So go ahead and tick the best options.

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Finding the Appropriate Camp

Start from basics to shorten the list of summer camps

The first task is to find out the best camp for your child -a camp that would suit your expectations, priorities and will fit well in your budget. These are some of the prime concerns here is a comprehensive checklist for your perusal.

Different Types of Camp

 Day Camp or Overnight Camp?

Traditional Camp or a Specialized Camp?

Single Sex or a Co-ed one?

Camp Facilities and Function

 What facilities are you looking for?

Does the camp provide all the activities that you want for your child? (Horse Riding, Sailing, Hiking, Parasailing etc.)

What are the safety policies of the camp and even the health policies?

Does your child need any kind of support for disabilities?

Are the facilities up to the mark as per the fees they are charging for the camp?

 Camp Location and Environment

How close should the camp be from your place?

What kind of an environment are you looking for your child? (Forest, Lake, River, Mountains etc.)

What are the facilities provided at the campsite?

 What kind of accommodation - tent, dorm etc.?

 Budget of the Camp

What is your budget for this Summer Camp?

 Are there any hidden charges for this camp?

 Is Transportation included in the fees?

 How will your child travel to and fro from the camp?

Are there any additional charges that you did not think of?

 Duration of the Camp

 What kind of a camp do you want for your child?

 How many days of overnight camp would you choose?

 How many hours of day camp would you prefer for your child

For the day camp, will you need extra hours in the beginning and at the end of the Camp?

 Forms and Cancellation Terms

When will the forms be available for Summer Camp?

What will be the cost a form?

What will be the cancellation terms for this camp?

How much amount would be refunded in case of cancellation?

After you have been satisfied with all these parameters, and you have enrolled your child in a Summer Camp, you need to effectively pack your child’s luggage, and therefore here is the Camp Packing Checklist.

Camp Packing Checklist

What to pack and take to the summer camps? Don’t miss to glance through this well-thought packing list.

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Medication (if any)
Swimming Goggles
Clothes (Planned according to different days)
Light Jacket
Sports Shoes
T-Shirt/ Tank tops
Night Suit
Flip Flops
Under Garments
Minimal Utensils
Water Bottle
Notebook and Pen
Some Cash
Books for Leisure
Small Backpack

Factors to Consider before Choosing Summer Camp

There are also certain other factors which parents keep in mind while selecting a summer camp for their child, and thus these factors again form a Checklist, so here are those factors.

  • What is the mission of the program? For how long has this program existed?
  • How is a typical day at the camp like? How is time allotted for various activities?
  • What will be the duration of the camp? What are the dates available?
  • Will my child get opportunities to develop physical fitness, cultural awareness, and some life skills?
  • How is the assessment done of any child? What was camp’s past result like?
  • How does the camp manage to establish a cooperative environment between children and staff?
  • How much is the experience of each and every staff member? What is the kind of training that they receive?
  • How does the camp ensure the safety of children?
  • Will the camp be providing healthy food to children?
  • How are families involved in the program? What kind of communication takes place?
  • How well does the camp show interest in ‘Inclusive Practices’?

 Exploring the listicle for the summer camp would surely ease selection of camp before enrolling children in any kind of Summer Camp. Make sure that you don’t forget anything important related to enrollment in a camp to packing stuff for the camp, all the queries and doubts are addressed in this checklist, so go ahead and tick the checklist to ensure that your child enjoys his/her Summer Camp to the fullest.

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