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Principal Speaks on www.NexSchools.com India Independence Day

Timsi Rai, Director, Advanced Academy School is a consummate professional with over 15 years of varied experience in teaching, training and administration.She is one of the directors of the most reputed CBSE School - Advanced Academy. Awarded with Gold medal in Masters in English Literature and B.Ed as well.

Quite often I notice people around me talk about our country with immense pride and consider themselves self-proclaimed patriots. They feel that along with raising the flag higher, if they abuse other countrymen, make fun of other religions, insult the people of other countries and crack a joke now and then about their culture, political leaders and their lifestyles, they will be doing a great service to their own country.

Unfortunately, these people are not at all patriots. Because by engaging in such acts, they unintentionally encourage hostility and create situations of fear for their own countrymen. Such acts don’t prove our love for our motherland. 

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Patriotism synonym with duty and responsibility. They who love their country abide by the laws, pay taxes on time, cooperate in the policies for the progress of the nation, help in establishing peace. Most importantly, they avoid situations that can provoke verbal or non-verbal disputes. They are careful not to create an atmosphere of "quarrels and enmity ". They understand it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong, cause whenever battles are fought, mostly it’s the innocent who suffer and die.

We have witnessed much death and destruction in the past. Great generals, soldiers, patriots, famous leaders, everyone who has suffered and sacrificed their lives for their country have admitted that war, no matter how necessary it may seem, must be avoided in all conditions and we should forever strive to establish peace. Moreover, the world wars, nuclear bomb attacks, terrorist attacks, the depleting environment, increasing pollution, incurable diseases, psychological problems are enough to wipe us out completely. We don't need more reasons to kill each other. 

Today, instead of thinking from our narrow perspective, we need to think as common citizens of one planet - to protect our foremost mother that is Mother Earth first, move beyond our differences and embrace the commonality that we all share by respecting each other and the amazing planet that supports us all.

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