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Elementary School

Stepping into Middle School

Adaptation can be quite challenging for parents and children alike. All the more, it is a difficult task for students while crossing the stage of elementary into middle school. With parents involvement and planning this transition can become smoother.

The foremost step to ensure a successful middle school experience

The key factor of a successful middle school experience is a positive evolution from elementary school to middle school.  It is one that requires time and concentration. A well-devised transition plan can enable parents and pupils to acquire a sound preparation strategy for progressing into the middle school. Further, it will serve as a perfect groundwork for a successful initiation of the middle school exploits.

To ensure transition experience turn into a positive one, parents and teachers must be practical in transition planning. Ideally, planning for the changeover process should start months ahead of the actual transition process takes place. At the same time, the exact amount of preparation necessary for the shift from elementary school to middle school changes from child to child.

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Student Middle Schoolers apprehensions on transition

After stepping out of elementary school environment, early adolescents at times, face regressive changes in their school environment. Students suddenly step into new educational environments that are more challenging.

Besides, the new premises necessitate them to move from one classroom to another or sometimes kids move from old building to a new one, it takes time for them to get adjusted with the new environment. They are weary of competitiveness, demanding academic environment. They are nervous on mingling up with new friends. Further, they are weighted down by the following factors like:

  • More serious study periods
  • New grading standards and procedures
  • Getting into the bus with different students
  • Breaking through crowded school corridors
  • Locating bathrooms and lunchrooms
  • New rules and change in daily schedule

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So what to expect from Middle School

The factors that will have a bearing on the transition from elementary to middle school:

  • Boys Vs Girls: Gender difference reflects on the mindset of girls and they tend to have concerns about physical attractiveness. While boys fret on athletic competence.
  • Teachers have greater say: Students find that their new teachers constantly apply pressure on control and discipline.
  • Homework load: Increasing dose of homework is will take place of skill-based homework. Middle school level homework is graded and timely and correctly, submission of homework is expected from all the students.
  • Grading & Assignments: Major academic process change is periodic tests and projects which are now standard for grading performance in each class. Understanding the new grading procedures and long assignment
  • Social & psychological changes: Middle schoolers are bombarded with social, peer relations and psychological changes that overwhelm some  at the same time some take new opportunities and increased freedom positively that comes with entering middle school.

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Tips for ParentsTips for parents

Parents are duly concerned about their children’s transition from elementary to middle school voyage. Besides, children during their time in the middle school will be busier still parent involvement becomes more necessary at this stage.  Parent involvement can bring in positive attitude towards their drastic change in daily schedules and settling down in middle school can be accomplished with ease for the children.

The following guidelines will help the parents in ensuring a smooth school transition from the elementary to the middle level.

  • Take time to take part in school meetings to know about the concerns and issues their children may have. They need to initiate a talk with their children about the impending school year and stress on the bright aspects of attending middle school.
  • Parents should be guarded on the signs of depression and be prepared to solve them.
  •  Do not miss the opportunity of building a link with the teachers.
  • Parents will be hard-pressed to know about their children and their developmental aspects.
  •  Learn to converse with their children in positive ways that construct relationships.
  •  Judge what type of assessment tests fit your children.
  • Parents should visit the school periodically and exchange ideas and information with schooling authorities and teachers.
  • Parents should display curiosity as to what their children are reading at home, this helps in creating a bond between parents and child.
  • Parents should not forget to attend the Parents Teacher Meeting held at schools. This gives an opportunity to know your child’s progress and interaction point from each subject teacher to share suggestions on managing your child’s mounting workload.

Middle School is all learning, about oneself and making mistakes too. The positive aspect of this stage is that marks or grades are not counted for high school or college, so this is time to learn all about time, study, succeed, and handle failures.  Reassurance and understanding your young child will go a long way.


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