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21May 2017

Art and its Implication on Education

Posted by : Priya s
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Through art, we can communicate our message to the world in a very interesting way. Hence, I choose art as a medium to communicate my idea to all of you

What is Art?

Art is an expression of feeling and one's imagination towards the world in a visual manner. Art has the ultimate power to make a marked change in one's idea to illuminate, to educate and motivate others.

This Art includes:

1. Painting

2. Music

3. Literature


5. Photography

6. Cooking 

Art in Education

We have all studied arts since nursery. A paper and some colours handed to us as a child and we did some scribbling on the paper. We didn’t know what and how about art at that time but all of us start from here.

Never thought at that time why scribbling that was called drawing had some wonderful hidden benefits. Lately, I have realised art if used in other subjects can make them all interesting. It can increases your performance of other subjects too, even science or mathematics.

I expressed my view of Art through number man. 

Number man 



Primary school kids can easily understand the number concept with the art of number man.










My Ambition

I want to become an artist in my future life. But I want to quote the words of Pablo Picasso:

Pablo Picasso



" Every child is an artist.

The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up" -Pablo Picasso







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Priya s

I want to become an artist. I am penning down some thoughts here on importance of arts.

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