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09Jun 2019

Getting Back to School!

Posted by : Samyuktha Chandrashekar
Category : Kids Blog-8-10 years
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Ice creams, pools and beaches – what else can you think of better than this, in a summer vacation? No books or homework – just fun! I relished various lip-smacking flavours of ice creams, from coffee to salted caramel – oh! That was heaven! I tried my hands in making variety juices and sharbats:)

Attending the ‘Little Entrepreneur Camp’ was a memorable one. Design thinking, ethnographic interview, being empathetic are few of my learning that has impacted me. Wait for my next blog to know more about it.

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Back to school!

It’s a start to a new year when students graduate to the next grade. Am really excited to come back to school though I had so much fun during my vacation. Laughter and excitement fill the air at school. Meeting friends after a long break is amazing. My classmates and I were very inquisitive to get to know our new teachers.

I am curious to step in to secondary grade. New books, new teachers, new subjects – awaiting to explore and learn. Sports hours at school are always fun, which I missed during my vacation. Extra curriculars are my all-time favorites at school. I enjoy my singing and dancing classes the most and eagerly waiting for my first ‘Theatre workshop’ at school.

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It would be interesting to know about each other’s vacation and more about the places my friends visited. I adore the times when I do some cheeky and naughty stuff with my best buddies! I was missing my travel time with my friends from different grades in my school van. Fun games, chit chat time, riddles, sharing snacks and naughty moments that happens during the school day gives me immense happiness and pleasure!

While enjoying my vacation, I always await for my school to reopen to look at some familiar faces and enjoy my school days with them!!

Happy Schooling, friends!

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Samyuktha Chandrashekar

I am Samyuktha Chandrashekar, studying Grade 6. Reading, writing, cooking and blogging are my hobbies. Enid Blyton, Sudha Murthy and Roald Dahl are my favourite authors.

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