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01Dec 2022


Posted by : Amruta Dike
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Technology has been nothing short of a boon for most of us. It has become an integral part of our life not to mention the changes technology has done in our way of living. It is getting better day by day, invoking or inviting more and more people to get online or on social media and explore  all the possibilities of the internet . However, curiosity has aroused in minds of people to what are the limits of computers or smart gadgets.

This is resulting in breaking of rules and trying to steal data from one device to another. This is why hacking personal information has become a thing we all try to fear. Also there are predators out there who use this information and try to blackmail us. They also bully us. That’s why it is not safe to post everything on social media. One photo, one video, one post can hurt someone worse than physically hurting them. This can leave permanent scars on that person’s mind. That is why we need to be alert and cautious when we are online. Because a boon can become a burden in almost an instant. But that doesn’t mean shutting down the internet completely. We have to follow some safety measures.

 We should not publicly share personal information nor should we open any random links, websites or sites. We should have strong passwords and secured network connections. We should ensure that the site we are opening is safe or not. We shouldn’t chat with any random person, as he might turn out to be a predator who is only pretending to be our friend.

We can be safe on online platforms if we follow these important rules. We can watch good and age appropriate content and have a jolly good time. We shouldn’t allow technology to overpower us and instead should keep it under control. And instead of playing online games, we can play physical ones, which in return will not only keep us healthy but also happy. Because all that matters in the end is our happiness and contentment.


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