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List that separate great camps from the good ones

shortlist summer camps- camp fire

We checked with some campers and parents – have come up with the list that separates great camps from the good ones.

Popsicle-Summer camp checklistSafety: Safety is paramount importance when choosing a summer camp.

Parents say: We want to know who’s watching my kids and who’s watching the staff who is watching my kids.

Popsicle-Summer camp checklistEducation: Learning must be integrated into the camps.

Parents say: Our children should learn something from the camp whether benefits of keeping themselves fit or eating and cooking healthier meal etc. after they come back from the camp. We don’t want them to be expert at it but yes, it helps when they come back willing to keep at it.

Popsicle-Summer camp checklistFun: Of course fun counts, having blast at the summer camp and cherishing memories.

Parents say: Lots of fun ways to engage children in not so overly-structured and overly scheduled routines. It one of the highly expected factors in selection.

Popsicle-Summer camp checklistCost: Getting the most for their money with some value-added features.

Parents say: While the cost of the summer camps may vary, just want to make sure money covers the best in the camp – meals and snacks, hygiene and value-based learning in the process.

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List that separate great camps from the good ones

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Popsicle-Summer camp checklistBang on 15 questions to ask before you choose a summer camp

Based on the list we have created a checklist of the 15 questions some more essential than others – that could be considered before choosing a summer camp.

  1. Who is the incharge, what is his/her background, education and philosophy?
  2. What the credentials of the instructional staff?
  3. Are the staff members trained to take on the emergency situation?
  4. What is the camper to staffers ratio?
  5. Does the camp have defined goals for campers?
  6. What type of the child does best at the camp?
  7. How are the camp’s facilities like? Is it new? Old?
  8. What are the sleeping, bathroom and showering arrangements?
  9. Are there times when campers are unsupervised?
  10. What are the camp’s safety guidelines?
  11. How far is the nearest hospital? Is there resident medical help available?
  12. What is the normal menu looks like?
  13. Can parents or other family members visit during the camp?
  14. If the camper has to leave early due to health or a family emergency, is there a refund?
  15. Are the facilities matching the cost of the camping?

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