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12Sep 2021

Best Disney Movies Of All Times

Posted by : Akshobhya Sapre
Category : Kids Blog- 11-13 years
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Hands up if you are a Disney fan! Of course you raised your hand (who doesn’t like Disney?). You must have seen at least one Disney movie as a kid. Disney was started by Walt Disney in 1923, and it’s still strong today, in 2021! Today, I am going to write about the greatest Disney movies ever made. Not Cinderella and all those old ones, some of the modern ones. Let’s get right into it!

(WARNING: This list is made by me after watching these movies and are my own opinions.)

1. Raya And The Last Dragon: This is a really good one for my first selection. This movie was released in March 2021 and has changed Disney history. It was trending within the first week of its release! What’s more, it was not made in a studio, it was made by working from home. Yes, it’s true! Its animation is insane, considering this movie was made from home. Honestly, I liked this movie so much that I would be happy to see a Raya And The Last Dragon 2nd or 3rd or maybe even a 4th part of the movie.

This is a movie about an ancient land called Kumandra, and how a monster called the Druun was terrorizing it. It could only be driven away by finding Sisu, the last dragon in Kumandra. And… wait! Why am I spoiling it? You should go see it yourself. And if you like martial arts and ninja techniques, this movie is for you!

2. Moana:  Another amazing Disney hit. It was released in 2016, and is still trending now. Moana is a movie about the ocean and its dangers. It is a musical movie, (like the Sound Of Music), and an adventure full of exciting myths and legends. It has a 4/5 rating, but I think it deserves 10/5! I hope you don’t suffer from seasickness, otherwise this movie is definitely not for you!

3. Zootopia: This one is also a good one and it was also released in 2016. This might even be one of the best animated movies so far, not just because it’s animated nicely, but also because it teaches us important virtues. In this movie, a rabbit wants to become a police officer, but everyone thinks that she cannot do it because she is so small in size. She finally becomes a police officer, but she still suffers from discrimination. This teaches us that just because someone is small in size, it doesn’t mean they have small brains.

Also, a fox in this movie suffers from discrimination just because he is a predator. If someone looks fierce, it doesn’t mean they are fierce, right? Mind you, the fox in the movie is a sly trickster, but hey! Nobody’s perfect!

4. Bolt: Okay, this one didn’t exactly change movie history, but I on the other hand think it’s pretty good, and it’s on the list of good animated movies on Google, last time I checked. It is about a dog that thinks it’s owner is in danger, but actually it was just an act. Bolt thinks he has super powers, but he actually doesn’t. He sets out on a mission to “rescue” his owner, along with a cat and a hamster. It’s a really funny and interesting movie.

5. 101 Dalmatians: You might know this one, as its old, really old. It was released in 1996. Now, that’s pretty old! The animation isn’t exactly next level, but it’s still pretty good. And come on, do I really have to explain the plot?

So those were some of the best Disney movies (according to me). You might be surprised that there aren’t some movies that are hits from the 90s, like The Lion King, but … ahem, I haven’t watched The Lion King yet. But don’t worry, I will. I haven’t watched so many good movies like Luca and Frozen, and I will someday.

Until then, goodbye!


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Total 3 Comments

Mohammed Naseem Sep 18 2021 9:13AM

well done , you have worked very hard . Akshobhya


Samir Sapre Sep 17 2021 11:39PM

Great Akshobhya! Good review and analysis. Keep it up.


Girish Paraspatki Sep 17 2021 5:56AM

Excellent movie reviews! It also means you also have an art of writing reviews! Way to go!!?? All the best!!


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