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02Apr 2020

The Book Thief- Did It Steal My Heart

Posted by : Ria Kenjale
Category : Kids Blog 14-18 years
Date :

"And when death tells a story, you really have to listen." The statement on the blurb of this book really tells all.

Set in Nazi Germany, The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, tells the tale of a young girl who finds herself in a foster home miles away from her own family. Death narrates the story, following her as she learns the joys and griefs of life, as she makes new friends and comes to terms with her new parents, and as she discovers the magic of words, her only solace. It is a story of sadness and grief, sprinkled with the light of a child’s existence.

This book is one of my all-time favourites, for a plethora of reasons. The way it deals with the themes of loss and grief, while simultaneously being captivating and uplifting at times, is fantastic. You’re kept on your toes for the whole of it, as there is never any certainty about what happens next. It’s a beautiful story of how love and kindness can be found in the most unexpected places, and how important they are to us. The power of words, and the solace that books can bring, is really aptly described, too. Death as narrator, adds a dimension to it unlike any I’ve ever read before! Throughout the book, you’re treated to Death’s little inputs on the story. Plus, the character of Death is very un-cliche, not all angsty darkness, as most gothics love to portray. Even the style the book is written in is unique -- it just flows. I, personally, finished all 500-something pages in about two days! 

One of the reasons I loved this book was because of the uniqueness of the Death-as-narrator facet. It makes it an absolutely refreshing read. Another favourite part of mine was how life under the Nazi rule is written. I mean, we all know what happened under Hitler, but this book puts that into a more personal perspective. You may know exactly what the Holocaust and war brought on people, but the book shows you those same events from the point of view of a community, of a family, and of one girl all in the midst of it. It’s really an eye-opener. You’re shown the horrors of death and war, right alongside the childish fun of friendships and family.

This is one of those books that leaves you feeling like you have to change the world. And those are the best kind!

Be warned, however, that tears will be shed during the reading of this. You will be left feeling like you lost a friend. If you can stomach this, I can’t recommend it strongly enough. It’s a must-read, The Book Thief. And if you do read it, I’m pretty sure you won’t stop singing its praises. 

Comment below if this review helped, or if you have different opinions on this book, I would love to hear them!

Happy reading!

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