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Understand PTA Structure and Role

An Executive Committee member has an important role to play in the school. It gives you an opportunity to make that little difference in your school, which most parents expect from this powerful body.

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How is Executive Committee of PTA Formed?

After the formation of Parents Teachers Association, the school notifies all the parents to nominate themselves for the grade representative’s position. The communication is sent by the Principal through the Circular or display on the website. 

Ideally, with a week notice General Body Meeting is called to form the Executive Committee. Within 30 days of commencement of the new academic session, the Executive Committee must be formed with full transparency in the procedure.

In case there are many candidates desirous to work in the committee, a lottery system is adopted to elect the committee members. Fifty percent of the members shall be women. It is mandatory for the schools to display the list of Executive Committee on the display board and website.

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Structure of PTA Executive Committee

The term of Executive Committee will be for one year.

President/Chairman - Principal/Head Master

Vice President/V Chairman–One from Parent

Secretary -  One from Teachers

Joint Secretary (2) – Both amongst Parents

Member - One Parent and One Teacher from every standard (They are also called Grade Representatives or Class Representatives)

Parents Tip NexSchoolsTip: If you feel being a grade representative is another batch in your social life you can adorn, then think again. Grade representation entwined with great responsibility and trust of parents.

Who may nominate themselves for Executive Committee?

There are some clear qualifications to take this the big job in PTA Executive Committee. It requires a little time to attend the Executive Meetings and take forward concerns of parents, so nominate yourself if you have:

  • Parent or guardian of enrolled student in the school for minimum one year
  • Understand the school functioning and feel there is scope for improvement
  • Passionate about education, school and parents involvement
  • Patience to listen to parent’s concerns
  • Active and outgoing
  • Good communication and able to act as “Parent Ambassadors” for PTA
  • Know how of general laws of the national and state for working of schools and education
  • Reserve the time to attend meetings when the need arises even in short notice

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Next steps after the formation of Executive Committee

Role of Executive Committee of PTAs in Indian Schools

If you are lost in voices from different parents concerns and do not have the clear objectives to take forward PTA mission then read this article to get an inside view of objectives and role of Executive Committee; Here is a cheat sheet prepared for all Executive Committee members by NexSchools.

  • Prepare Single Annual Plan- Executive Committee must interact with parents in their circle and come up common agenda to work towards it during an academic year.
  • To provide a channel for both parents and school to exchange opinions concerning school policies promoting the development of the school.
  • Provide a forum for important issues and where appropriate inform the school administration and Board of Trustees of the opinions of members.
  • Only bigger common issues must be brought in the agenda for General Body rather than personal grievances. It is one chance for all the parents and teachers to come together, therefore, make full use of it.
  • The Executive Committee meeting must be conducted once in three months.
  • Transparency of fixing fees for a proposed fee for next academic year- The Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and many other states have recognised the role of PTA  in fee regulation of the schools in privately run unaided and aided. This role is very crucial and if executed this right in proper way parents can reap some positive benefits in curbing unreasonable fee hike by school management.
  • Help in curbing Fee Hike by Schools- Know how of state Fee Regulation Act and work towards curbing arbitrary fee hike with active participation and discussion within EC meetings. Read Fee regulation and PTA Role

Guiding Principles

  1. Parents of every student in the school are a member of Parents Teachers Association.
  2. Duties of Parents Teachers Association
  • To see that, the syllabus is completed as planned
  • To see suitable schemes for support students who are weak in studies
  • To assist the schools in planning and organising education programs to support the syllabus
  • To approve co-educational programs
  • Solve problems related to parents and teachers experienced day to day.
  • To collect information regarding school fees term fees other fees for related educational programs and to present it to the working committee of the parents-teachers association
  • Role of PTA is significant in bringing transparency in fixation of fees.

General Body Meeting

General Body Meeting is open to all the parents of the school. This is the common forum for parents to ask and know the developments of the school.

The PTA General Body Meeting must be conducted once before 15 August of every year. 

Parent representation in PTA and working committee meetings is not very appreciable despite looking at today’s Indian education system not many parents actively participate. It is the time that parents know the real meaning of PTA and comes on the floor to participate for the betterment of our children. It is collective responsibility, so start creating Group on NexSchools and bring all the parents onboard.

How can I connect to parents in my school?

You can create groups of your school and invite parents to the group to share views and foster discussions related to school(s).

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